Starting a Blog: A Learning Journey #IMMOOC

“We rarely create something different until we experience something different.” – George Couros

“Don’t seek to be the best, seek to do your best.” – Sarah Thomas

“Unleashing our inner creativity is like so many things we try; the more we practice the easier it gets.” – Tom and David Kelley


I have been inspired by George Couros to begin this blog.  I have recently finished reading his book, The Innovators Mindset: Empower Learning Unleash Talent, and Lead a Culture of Creativity,   and am jumping into action!

My purpose in creating this blog is to create a space where I am able to share my vision, reflect on my practice, connect with others and inspire all to ” dream more, learn more, do more and become more”, together!  The other goal is to make my instruction, struggles that I have in my classroom, and solutions to those struggles visible to all!

My goal is to write as often as possible and to reflect and grow as a learner!!

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Passionate, curious, science educator, learner, photographer, and outdoors woman! I love to learn new things and share great ideas! All the photos on this blog are my own. Copyrighted 2016 Deborah Holman.

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